Saturday, September 22, 2012

Eucharistic Procession for Life

Crucifix above the altar at St. Pius (I couldn't stop staring at it!)

Today I attended Mass at St. Pius X Church in Appleton for a pro-life Mass celebrated by Fr. Tom Farrell. After Mass we processed with the Blessed Sacrament for about 2 miles from the church to the Grand Chute Abortion clinic (BOO!!). We made four stops total:
  1. Memorial to the Unborn at St. Pius Church, Appleton
  2. Highland Memorial Park, Appleton
  3. Resident of Grand Chute's yard
  4. Resident of Grand Chute's house next to the abortion clinic
The procession was something to see! Being led by the Lord with a large image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the unborn, following. I loved seeing the looks on people's faces in the cars! They were either smiling and bowing their heads or just staring at us like freaks (that was most of them).

At the final stop, seeing the place where so many innocent children have died, it looked as if the place had the gloom of death all over it, even the plants were dying. Father put it best saying: "We recently remembered 9/11, when over 3,000 people died, yet 4,000 children die each day at the hands of their own parents". My friend told me that while she was saying the rosary there, they had guards there to make sure nobody would step on their property. She would either get thumbs up and honks or cuss words and the finger. We must stop this loss of life!

Pictures of the procession from 2009 here.

Prayer for the End of Abortion

Lord God, I thank you today for the gift of my life, 
And for the lives of all my brothers and sisters.

I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion, 
Yet I rejoice that you have conquered death 
by the Resurrection of Your Son.

I am ready to do my part in ending abortion. 
Today I commit myself 
Never to be silent, 
Never to be passive, 
Never to be forgetful of the unborn.

I commit myself to be active in the pro-life movement, 
And never to stop defending life 
Until all my brothers and sisters are protected, 
And our nation once again becomes 
A nation with liberty and justice 
Not just for some, but for all.

Through Christ our Lord. 


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