Sunday, July 26, 2015

There are smart people out there

While reading the report of the capital campaign for the nearby parish of Holy Cross in Kaukauna, I stumbled upon this (I added the red circle):


Holy Cross is considering updating/renovating/restoring their church. On the top priorities are saving the stained glass and repairing the steeple. Also re-painting the church is wanted, among other things, according to the survey. Good for them!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine, Refuge of Sinners - Freedom, WI

Pictures taken on June 26, 2015
From the website:

On July 29th, 2009, the wayside shrine was blessed by Father Francisco Rojas, Schoenstatt Priest, who invited Our Blessed Mother into the shrine by title of “ Mother Thrice Admirable.” The Mass and dedication were officiated by Father Francisco, and concelebrated by Green Bay, WI Diocese Priests, Father Bill Hoffman and Father Thomas Farrell, with Deacon Richard Simon as acolyte.

The Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine, Refuge of Sinners provides a place for pilgrimage and prayer. The people who gather for worship and prayer study the Word of God and Schoenstatt spirituality as a way of contemplating God through the eyes of Mary, our Mother Thrice Admirable, and integrating the fruits of prayer into daily acts of joyful and sacrificial living for the salvation of sinners.

We strive to bring people closer to Jesus through Mary by providing a beautiful Marian place to pray. Schoenstatt Priests and Sisters teach Schoenstatt Spirituality to various groups of all ages; Holy Mass and the Rosary are offered weekly at the Wayside Shrine; St. Charbel Devotions are held on First Saturdays of each month; Spring through fall there are Rosary Processions through the woods.

Our Lady remains here at the shrine along with Her Son, Jesus, available to local pilgrims as well as those from distances places. At this holy place they experience Mary as a real Mother and Educator. Schoenstatt is for those seeking to further their Faith in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. Pilgrims of all faiths are welcome to pray, visit and partake of all the activities offered at the Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine, Refuge of Sinners.

They have since been given the permission by Bishop Ricken to keep the Blessed Sacrament reserved there.

The Sanctuary of the Shrine

Above the picture of Mother Thrice Admirable: "Servus Mariae Nunquam Peribit" -  
"The Servant of Mary shall never perish"

Ambo and Crucifix

This beautiful crucifix belonged to my great grandparents and, I believe, once hung in the rectory at St. Paul's in Wrightstown. It was donated to the shrine from my aunt and uncle, who received it from my grandparents. The couple that started, built, and run the shrine are my aunt's in-laws, and my family knows them quite well due to that, as well as having our cottages on the same lake.

Holy Spirit on the sanctuary ceiling

St. Michael

"Rosa Mystica"

Sacred Heart devotional area. Not all the stained glass windows have been put in yet, or even obtained due to lack of funds. I was told the window on the right will be of St. Gabriel the archangel.

Pieta devotional area, opposite that of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart statue upfront for the month of June, dedicated to Our Lord's Most Sacred Heart.

Holy Family window

Window...I don't know what you'd call this. The Mass? The Eucharist? I'll go with the Eucharist.

St. Therese Window

St. John the Baptist window. This is the newest window. It was put in before the St. Gabriel window because those who donated it wished their window would be of the baptism of Christ.

Back of the shrine

Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine, Refuge of Sinners
N4668 Olde Ireland Way
Freedom, Wisconsin 54130