Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Proclamation

Nativity window at Holy Cross Church, Kaukauna, WI

The Twenty-fifth Day of December,

when ages beyond number had run their course
from the creation of the world,

when God in the beginning created heaven and earth,
and formed man in his own likeness;

when century upon century had passed
since the Almighty set his bow in the clouds after the Great Flood,
as a sign of covenant and peace;

in the twenty-first century since Abraham, our father in faith,
came out of Ur of the Chaldees;

in the thirteenth century since the People of Israel were led by Moses
in the Exodus from Egypt;

around the thousandth year since David was anointed King;

in the sixty-fifth week of the prophecy of Daniel;

in the one hundred and ninety-fourth Olympiad;

in the year seven hundred and fifty-two
since the foundation of the City of Rome;

in the forty-second year of the reign of Caesar Octavian Augustus,
the whole world being at peace,

JESUS CHRIST, eternal God and Son of the eternal Father,
desiring to consecrate the world by his most loving presence,
was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
and when nine months had passed since his conception,
was born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem of Judah,
and was made man:

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lourdes Grotto at  Holy Hill in Hubertus, WI

Most holy Virgin, who wast pleasing to the Lord and became His 
Mother, immaculate in body and spirit, in faith and in love, look 
kindly on the wretched who implore thy powerful patronage. The 
wicked serpent, against whom was hurled the first curse, continues 
fiercely to attack and ensnare the unhappy children of Eve. Do 
thou, then, O Blessed Mother, our queen and advocate, who from the 
first instant of thy conception didst crush the head of the enemy, 
receive the prayers which, united with thee in our single heart, 
we implore thee to present at the throne of God, that we may never 
fall into the snares which are laid out for us, and may all arrive 
at the port of salvation; and, in so many dangers, may the Church 
and Christian society sing once again the hymn of deliverance and 
of victory and of peace.