Friday, May 13, 2016

The Three Secrets of Fatima

Painting of Our Lady of Fatima at St. Francis of Assisi Church, Grand Street Site, Manitowoc

From Mystics of the Church:

One wonders whether Our Lady used the word “Secret” because she knew that the three children before her would respect that description as something binding them to silence.
Years later, the surviving child, now known as Sister Lucia, was permitted to provide a written account of their experience and divide the Secret into three separate parts. It is worth noting that at the time of the Apparitions in 1917 all three children were illiterate. Fortunately, the messages, given chiefly to Lucia, were intended for publication at subsequent dates. Francisco was able to see their heavenly visitor but unable to hear her, while Jacinta was too shy to speak. Lucia was advised at the time to learn how to read so that she could fulfil the role of messenger.

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